Tenants Guide

LMS Property Management has been established over a decade and manages a full range of residential properties this has led as to acquire an expertise of dealing with all manner of tenants and situations.

To this end we believe our high level of service has been achieved by the strong and long term relationships we have maintained over the years with our many satisfied tenants.

We endeavour to assist all tenants through all of the stages involved in being fortunate enough to find a property and then a successful application, credit and reference process leading to a content occupation of tenancy.

Application Process

You will be taken through the following process:

  • Assistance in sourcing a suitable property to suit your personal requirements. If we are unable to find you a property you will be placed on our tenant waiting register free of charge.
  • We will keep you updated on the progress of your application as and when we are able to and ensure to expedite the process as quickly as possible.
  • However it should be noted in certain situations it will be the ultimate decision of the Landlord that your tenancy application be successful and this can be subject to a multitude to reasons. Obviously this will be reviewed and discussed should such circumstance arise.

To complete a successful application and proceed with the tenancy the following will be required:

  • One calendar months rent in advance
  • A deposit of one month’s calendar rent to the tenancy commencement.

After a successful application and upon provision of the above unless otherwise agreed you will be provided with an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for the period of 6 months.

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement is a legal binding document between the Landlord and the Tenant and all parties should not enter into such an Agreement unless they are fully understanding of the implying obligations.

Upon signing such you are agreeing to undertake the legal obligations.

Prior to the expiry date the AST will be reviewed and either renewed or terminated by either party. Please note periods of notice are required subject to Terms & Conditions which are detailed within the AST to the Tenant and the Terms & Conditions to the Landlord.

The responsibilities of the Tenant and Landlord will be detailed within the Tenancy Agreement.


From 6 April 2007 legislation was introduced whereby deposits must be protected with the aim being to assist tenants and landlords should a dispute arise.

When a deposit is taken as part of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy it must be protected in one of the government-initiated schemes. There are two types; ‘custodial schemes’ and ‘insurance-based schemes’.

As agents we use the Deposit Protection Scheme. At the end of a successful tenancy and subject to the Landlords agreement the deposit is returned to the tenant. Should a dispute arise the Alternative Dispute Resolution service will aim to resolve any disputes. As agents we will undertake all of the relevant administrational obligations should such arise. Go to www.depositprotection.com for more details.

You will be provided with a full summary of your DPS summary including an Identification Reference and Repayment ID along with Terms & Conditions and Guidance Notes for your own records.


Your Landlord will have their own cover relating to their liabilities. This will not include your contents or any contents provided to you. You will therefore be liable for any accidental damage incurred and we strongly suggest take out adequate insurance. Details are available via our office.

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